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Scented Memories

Chloé has added gorgeous scents to its Atelier des Fleurs collection of perfumes with personal memories captured in a bottle.

French luxury house Chloé has added new scented creations to its Atelier des Fleurs collection of perfumes that envelop us with fresh bouquets that make it feel like spring all year round. Each of the scents was collaborated on with a talented nose, elaborating on personal memories and translating them into perfumed creations. Perfumer Alexis Dadier bottled his memory of receiving papyrus paper with hieroglyphs from his grandparents as a child into a woody and smoky scent, aptly naming the parfum Papyrus. Another important memory captured for Chloé is the creation of the house's very first perfume, and the release of the new Tuberosa 1974 perfume beautifully pays homage to the sweet-scented milestone. A nod to the original perfume that was created in 1974 under the direction of the late Karl Lagerfeld, the perfume captures the creamy notes of the house's favourite flower, the tuberose.


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