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Say Yes to Couture Wedding Fever

Stéphane Rolland has just unveiled his very first bridal gown collection and it is making us dream of weddings and the romance of watching a bride walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress.

He has dressed Rihanna, Rita Ora and Jennifer Lopez, and now French fashion designer Stéphane Rolland, who is celebrated for his couture gowns, has just unveiled his first bridal gown collection. The designer's first Mariage collection features 10 designs, each embodying Rolland's signature lines, creating breathtaking silhouettes using noble fabrics such as lace, silk and tulle. Presented during New York Bridal Fashion Week, the collection is a celebration of one of a woman's most memorable moments with the designer bringing the art of French couture to the big day. A demi-mesure service also adds to the luxury, ensuring that the dress you choose fits like a glove, making you look like, or better than, a princess, and turning an off-the-rack purchase into a very luxurious affair, dancing between ready-to-wear and haute couture.


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