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Say Graze

Melbourne's Grazeland is a foodie's dream come true with street food from around the world all served under the one, outdoor, roof.

Shipping containers never looked so inviting with Grazeland stacking one after the other and offering up a foodie's dream buffet. Located next door to Scienceworks, the street food destination is where you can take your taste buds on quite the outing with pretty much every cuisine available to savour. Try the the crispy Italian arancini balls or perhaps Chinese dumplings are calling out your name or even a Spanish paella, whatever your mood there is definitely something for you to feast on, and if you are more of a sweet tooth make sure you head to Sweet Street where crêpes, ice-cream, churros and Japanese pancakes are being served. This is a great place if you are a group with each person feeling like something different to eat, but whatever you do, do not arrive starving so you do not order the first thing you see. Our advice is that you do a lap of honour and discover all the different vendors, you may even need to go around twice before you make your choice as it could get overwhelming with all that is on offer and choosing what to eat is serious business. Grazeland also puts on quite the show with live music, and with the outdoor venue overlooking the Westgate Bridge, it gives you a front row seat to a beautiful sunset over the city skyline, but make sure you stay warm as it does get quite chilly on cold Melbourne days. This is a great spot for Sunday brunch, the only downside is that you need to be prepared to pay an entry fee before even getting a glimpse of the street food on offer.


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