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Say French Cheese

The Raclette Igloo Experience has arrived in Adelaide to serve Aussies a slice of melted French cheese culture.

As France eases its way out of a chilly winter and into summer, the Southern Hemisphere is welcoming the colder season, and to mark the transition the Raclette Igloo has popped up in Adelaide until June 9. The Raclette Igloo Experience in Festival Plaza is an open invitation to warm up and indulge in French cheese and mulled wine. Entering the winter wonderland you will be greeted with twinkling fairy lights and French-speaking staff, welcoming you into one of the 14 igloos for your private family-style feast. Charcuterie, potatoes, and cornichons, and 2 kilos of raclette cheese create quite the spread of comfort food for you to enjoy, and should you have room left for dessert, you can toast marshmallows on the fire pit. This is an indulgent way to enjoy one of France’s most-loved meals in the cooler months in Australia.


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