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Santa Delivers Designer Gifts to Royal Mansour

The Royal Mansour hotel in Marrakesh has called on famous designers to create exclusive Christmas gifts to put under the tree this year and we have already added them to our letter to Santa.

The luxurious Royal Mansour hotel in Marrakesh, famous for only having plush riads instead of rooms and suites, has just unveiled its Christmas gift list that guests can splurge on and we're this close to buying a ticket to fly over just to get our hands on them. Calling on some of the most famous designers in the world, the hotel has certainly created quite the exclusive gift ideas list that many would love to find under their tree this year. Christian Louboutin has stepped in and has designed the Lady Mansour, a mule inspired by the tradition Moroccan babouche slippers, adorned with mosaic detailing, a nod to the hotel's decor, and of course featuring the designer's signature red sole, making the Lady Mansour the perfect gift for any shoe-loving lady. Another celebrated designer to create an exclusive gift for the hotel is John Galliano, with the British designer drawing inspiration from the traditional djellaba to create a designer bathrobe to slip into after a relaxing shower, talk about haute shower!


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