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Road Trip of Luxury

Hit the road and discover France in a luxury camper van with Nomadism.

Nomadism, the boutique hotel on wheels, lets you hit the open road in complete luxury on par with a 5-star hotel. Designed with comfort in mind, each Mercedes van is equipped with creature comforts that will ensure your road trip is as exciting as it is cosy. Wifi, kitchen and bar, a barbecue set-up, a smart TV, Bluetooth speakers and even a concierge at your fingertips thanks to the Travel Angel tablet are all on the menu in your "hotel room", making sure you are still connected while being physically disconnected from the rest of the world. With most traditional hotels closed due to lockdown restrictions, Nomadism affords you the luxury to escape while keeping a perfect social distance and spoils you with all the services you are accustomed to when checking-in at a luxury hotel. With an inviting way to discover France's wine country, the gorgeous beaches of the French Riviera or to take in the breathtaking Alps, all while sleeping in comfort and waking up to a new view every day, this nomadic hotel gets our tick of approval for the ultimate road trip across France.


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