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Rejuvenate Your Skin With Reclar’s New Ritual Peeler Plus

The Reclar Ritual Peeler Plus is making our skincare routine a luxurious experience, turning our bathroom into a fabulous beauty spa.

Our new skincare routine obsession is the new Reclar Ritual Peeler Plus. The patented skincare device is a luxurious tool that restores the skin's natural elasticity and treats inflammatory or bacterial processes in the skin, offering a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic procedures.

Designed to enhance your beauty ritual, the peeler helps you get clearer and smoother skin while reducing inflammation and working to tighten fines lines to leave you with a more youthful glow. The new and improved peeler offers additional skin health and elasticity benefits, using light therapy to rejuvenate the skin and promote healing processes. The blue light heals skin inflammation, reduces acne and prevents other unwanted elements while the red light activates collagen production in the skin, reduces wrinkles, shrinks pores, unifies skin colour and has an overall regenerative effect.

In addition to its light therapy feature, the Reclar Ritual Peeler Plus offers ultrasonic peeling, which gently removes dead skin cells and excess sebum from the skin, softening the skin and allowing for better absorption of active ingredients from your skincare products. The device also stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the skin, and with its blade covered in 24k gold, which isn't only boujee but is also known for its antibacterial benefits, it helps blood circulation and removes toxins.

And the best part is that the improved peeler lasts twice as long on a single charge and it cleanses the skin more deeply and offers an intensive T-zone cleansing, making sure the skin is left clean, and with the new device offering a 40% larger light therapy beam lens, more goodness is beamed onto the skin for younger, healthier-looking skin.


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