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Pretty in Pastel

Sorbet is dripping on everything from nails to sneakers and we're making room on our fashion roster to squeeze in the pretty pastel colours.

Bershka's wide-leg tailored fit trousers are a lilac dream, updating our classic tailored look with a new colour that can be matched with classic neutrals.

Candy-coloured stones are bringing part of the sorbet rainbow to our stacking collection thanks to Studio 28's unique designs created with precious and semi-precious stones.

Kick fashion goals with the sneakers collection from M. Moustache. Comfortable and colourful, these kicks will highlight your fashion credentials with one swift step when matched with basic black, daring white, denim, or if you're brave enough, colour clash with your favourite hue.

You know it's time to embrace a tone when Chanel declares it as the colour of choice. The French house is taking over our mani/pedis and painting them in pastel shades. The new collection of polishes from our favourite Frenchies, The Sky, the Sun and the Sea, is inspired by the colours of summer and include Pastel Sand, Moon Shell and Sea Sea Green.


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