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Pout Your Way Through Your Glam in Your Bespoke Lipstick

Create your very own bespoke lipstick in 30 minutes in Paris and kiss your way all through the ultimate quiet luxury experience.

Bâton Rouge Paris defines quiet luxury in beauty by letting you create your very own signature lipstick shade. In the ever-so-trendy neighbourhood of Le Marais in Paris is where you will find Bâton Rouge Paris, a beauty lab meets boutique, where you can create your very own bespoke lipstick during a 30-minute atelier. Founded by Christelle Percheron, the unique concept lets you create the perfect shade that will have you air kissing your way through the French capital, and the world, with a perfectly-coloured pout. Guided by a make-up artist, you are handheld through the process of choosing a colour, tone, whether you prefer a blue or orange undertone to your red rouge à lèvres or perhaps a hint of yellow to your pink pout, and finally a texture, matte or glossy. Your lipstick is then mixed and prepared right in front of your eyes.


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