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Poppy King Reigns as the Queen of Lipstick

Our favourite Poppy is back to her beauty roots and we couldn't be more excited to wear her new lipstick.

Poppy King, the queen of lipstick, famous for her iconic matte formulas that she created in the 90s, is back in Australia, relaunching her line of lipsticks, bringing back her kind of glamour and savoir-faire in creating lipsticks that women love. Unearthing her original formula, Poppy has just released Original Sin, the perfect red lipstick designed to suit every woman, even women who shy away from wearing a red pout. Made in the factory in Melbourne, where she made her very first lipstick, Poppy is bringing back nostalgia to many and Australian beauty products to the world with a sexy sprinkle of shimmer. The lipstick is naturally matte, with Poppy adding a metallic shimmer to the formula, which not only complements the lips but it also works as a highlighter to the entire face, reflecting light on the cheeks and eyes, opening up the face instead of simply adding colour to just the lips. The 90s have been back in fashion with the millennials embracing everything from the era, but now the 90s are truly back with the comeback of the cult beauty product, Poppy King's matte lipstick!


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