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Planet-Friendly Beauty

Looking after our skin isn't only about what we put on it but also about our planet, because a healthier planet means a healthier environment for our skin. Discover our 9 favourite skincare and beauty brands who are looking after our skin from the outside in.

Highlight your eyes with KVD Vegan Beauty's Edge of Reality eyeshadow palette. The 100% recycled palette includes 14 shades ranging from warm browns to sparkly ruby red.

Made with 96% natural ingredients, Sephora's Melting Cleansing Balm gently removes your make-up and nasty traces left behind from pollution, and its green component? 60 percent of its tub is made from plastic produced from sugar cane residue.

With its 100% recyclable packaging, Sand & Sky works to nurture the planet as well as your skin. Its Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum is made with Tasmanian spring water and fermented sea kelp, working together to revive dull skin to leave it looking plumper while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

To help us with our recycling habits, Huygens has introduced a reusable scheme in its Parisian boutique on Rue du Temple. Clients can bring in their empty Huygens 250ml or 500ml shower gel bottles and refill them for a discounted price, giving a second life to the already recycled bottles.

Packaged in an organic handmade bamboo jar, The Organic Hemp Line's Exfoliating Peeling Mask gently exfoliates the skin to leave it looking smooth and healthy. Thanks to its apricot stones and red alga ingredients, the mask helps remove dead skin, and with its organic hemp seed oil, aloe vera and shea butter, the skin is nourished and moisturised.

Scented candles fill a room with calm and relaxation, lifting your worries away and reducing your worry lines. French brand Estéban, which specialises in scented candles, is also lifting its carbon footprint by offering refillable candles, letting you to simply slide in another candle in the decorative holder once the first one burns out.

Environmentally-friendly French brand 900.Care is known for its refillable bathroom products, with 50 percent of its packaging made from recycled plastic. Now the eco-friendly brand has added a new product to its refillable range, liquid hand soap, to keep both your hands and the planet cleaner.

Open up your eyes and cover your lashes with Sephora's Beautiful Lash mascara. The beauty staple is not only vegan but 70% of its tube is made from recycled plastic, helping you reduce your carbon footprint one lash at a time.

Vegan hair care brand Aveda is all about keeping your tresses gorgeous and the planet healthy. Use the Nutriplenish Daily Mosturising Treatment, packaged in a tube made with recycled plastic, to inject extra smoothness into your locks thanks to its natural, cruelty-free ingredients including organic pomegranate oil.

The first step in looking after your skin is by making sure you keep it hydrated. To keep your water intake up invest in a reusable water bottle, especially one that looks after the planet. Les Bornées has designed a handy bottle, made from recycled plastic, making it yours and our planet's new BFF.


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