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Pineapple Sneakers

At a glance these sneakers look like just any other pair but these MoEa sneakers are made with corn and stepping up to help promote sustainable fashion.

More people are wearing sneakers and more people are concerned about their carbon footprint on the planet. Enter MoEa, a new brand of sneakers that has turned fruit into vegan leather. The Peta-approved vegan brand upcycles fruit and plants to create low carbon and vegan materials by mixing the fruit wastes with organic cotton or recycled plastic. Leaf fibres and skins of apples, grapes, pineapples, cactus and corn are all turned into the different materials to fashion the sneakers, with recycled and natural rubber used to design the soles. Working to bring plant-conscious sneaker fans sustainable options, MoEa only works with sustainable materials and encourages everyone to send them their old MoEa soles to recycle and turn them into new ones. Who would have thought pineapple would look so good on feet?


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