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Penny For Your Sunday Routine

Gingerbread croissants, carrot cake and great lattes are the delicious recipes going into why Penny for Pound is our new favourite weekend coffee spot.

We love nothing more than a perfect cup of coffee and something sweet to enjoy on a Sunday morning especially while sitting outside when Melbourne weather is kind to us. Penny for Pound's first address on Brigde Road in Richmond is fast becoming one of our perfect spots to feel like a local and enjoy some of Melbourne's best pastries. With a rotating menu every month, new flavours are introduced to our taste buds, treating them to bursts of seasonal fruit and gourmet delights, served along permanent treats including one of the best carrot cakes in the city. This month, with the lead up to Christmas, the popular bakery is serving up some delicious festive creations including gingerbread croissant, berry pavlova croissant and cherry chocolate cruffin. The local neighbourhood bakery has set up a couple of tables outside, creating the perfect setting for a lazy morning moment filled with great coffee and yummy cake.


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