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Paris’s Smallest Hotel Is On Our Radar For A VIP Treatment

L'Hôtel Particulier in Paris has come a long way from once being a private home owned by the Hermès family. The hotel that recently went through a facelift now offers a haven in the city where guests can check-in for some relaxation and sexy time.

One of the most hidden hotels in Paris, L'Hôtel Particulier, has recently gone through a makeover, revealing a quintessentially French boudoir. Nestled in the 18th arrondissement in Montmartre, behind a wrought iron gate, the hotel stands like a private mansion where one can imagine is where hedonistic parties take place with beautiful people sipping on champagne. Whilst such a scene can be expected on the weekend in the hotel's bar and in its garden during the summer, L'Hôtel Particulier is also a place where you can check-in for a quiet getaway or staycation with suites designed to resemble rooms in a family home, a boujee home that is.

The hotel boasts only five suites, making sure you are treated like a VIP in one of the most private and smallest hotels in Paris. Formerly a private mansion that once belonged to the Hermès family, L'Hôtel Particulier's main drawing card is the privacy it offers its clients as well as featuring the largest hotel garden in the French capital, creating a countryside feel right in the heart of the city.

Guests looking for a true feeling of being in Paris the Les Folies du Ciel suite is where you need to check-in to spend the night with everything that makes Paris everyone's dream destination. Accessed via a private staircase, the suite lands you under a stunning glass roof serving a gorgeous view of the city and its iconic landmark, the Eiffel Tower. And if you're looking for a kinky kind of stay check yourself in the Lazy Leopardesses suite that is covered in leopard print and features an open bathroom.

Happy check-in!


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