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Our Top 5 Hairstyling Products

5 haircare products and tools that are turning our bad hair days into stunning head-turning styles.

Aveda's new range of haircare takes a leaf out of anti-ageing skincare products and brings the technology to the scalp. Scalp Solutions works to reduce the signs of ageing of the scalp, letting the hair grow healthier, stronger and shinier. The vegan range includes a scrub, shampoo, conditioner, protecting mist and a serum to work its magic at night.

Priding itself on being a sustainable haircare label, Sophic manufactures all its products within a 50-kilometre radius of its Brisbane-based headquarters. The Australian label uses native ingredients including leomin myrtle leaf oil to make haircare products for all hair types. From wanting to care for your curls to adding more volume to your mane, Sophic has a product for you.

If you're looking for an instant injection of moisture and be left with soft, shiny hair then you need to do yourself a favour and treat your hair to Wella's Elements Renewing Mask. Leave in for 5 minutes, rinse and watch as your hair is left fizz-free and feeling silky smooth thanks to its natural ingredients and formulated without silicones and sulfates.

Mayde's Rainbow towel is made from 100% Buldan cotton from Turkey and is designed to absorb all excess moisture from your hair, and body. We love wearing it like a turban after washing our hair to let our hair dry naturally so we can spend less time blasting our locks with heat when styling.

When we want to give our hair a break from excess heat when styling without forsaking our gorgeous curls we turn to Mermade Hair's Heatless Curls Kit. The kit comes with a mulberry silk rod, scrunchies and a clip to secure the rod as we wrap it around our hair. Wash your hair, follow the simple instructions of wrapping the silk rod around your hair, go to bed and wake up to a glorious mane of cascading curls, it's that easy, all without using any damaging heat.


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