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Our Top 5 Cult Beauty Products

From a glowy primer to a hair mask, we share with you 5 beauty products that we can't live without.

To prep the skin for the day we love to spritz it with Eau Cellulaire by Esthederm. The mist replicates the water that is naturally found in the skin, hydrating it with a boost of hyaluronic acid. We like to spray it as the first step in our morning skincare routine before applying a serum.

Elizabeth Arden's Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules are our serum of choice. Formulated to plump the skin and lock in moisture, the serum leaves you with deliciously smoother skin. We also love that each dose is perfectly measured and presented in a single-dose capsule, making it the ideal travel skincare bestie, simply count how many days you are away and grab the perfect number of capsules instead of taking the whole bottle with you.

We're huge fans of hybrid skincare and beauty products and one recent discovery isn't having us looking back. Kind Collective's Miracle Glo Skin Serum not only gives your skin a moisture-boosting shot of hyaluronic acid but it also works as a pearly primer, prepping your skin for your glam while leaving a sheer layer of a pearly glow, highlighting your gorgeous face.

A make-up remover that cleans your foundation as well as mascara is a winner when it comes to our nighttime skincare routine, and the winning cleanser in our books? Compagnie de Provence's Moisturising Cleansing Oil. Apply directly to your face and watch as the oil melts away your day's glam, leaving you with clean skin without leaving even a hint of mascara.

Looking after your hair is just as important as looking after your skin and Wella knows the importance of intense treatment when it comes to having luscious locks. Just like your face needs to be pampered with masks so does your hair and we love the label's Fusion Mask that has been formulated to repair damaged hair, hydrate and smooth tresses, and we love the scent, making us feel like we just walked out of a hair salon.


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