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One of a Kind

Maison Ravn brings the tradition of Norway to your hands.

Inspired by traditional Norwegian dress, Maison Ravn has intertwined detailed Nordic embroidery with French savoir-faire in designing one-of-a-kind handbags. Made in an atelier in Paris, each piece is handmade, making each piece unique with each design drawing inspiration from bunad, the traditional rural dress and folk costumes worn in Norway. The designer, Claudia Ravnbo, who was born in Norway, also meets with clients to create bespoke pieces that combine both the ethnic hallmark of her designs as well as the client's personal story. And while Maison Ravn uses different materials and exotic leathers to create the bags, the house has also embraced the vegan way of life, offering a selection of vegan options to create personalised bags, broadening the spectrum of options on offer.


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