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New Year, New Scent

Refresh your scent with a new perfume to start your 2022 on a sweet-smelling note.

Chanel is starting the new year on a new and fresh note with the release of L'Eau Rouge. The new scent is made with the house's signature camellia and brought to life with notes of jasmine, orange blossom and berries, creating a sparkling light mist.

Fresh and fruity, Bvlgari's Fiori d'Amore is a bouquet of roses from Turkey and Bulgaria, rounded beautifully by the sweetness of raspberries. We particularly love the bonbon-shaped bottle, waiting to be unwrapped and spritzed.

For a generous ray of light captured in perfume, Elie Saab's new Le Parfum Lumière brings the sweetness of the fragrant jasmine, the muskiness of amber and the crispness of mandarin orange together for a sensual olfactive touch.

After updating your personal scent make sure you give your home a new scent as well with Juliette Has A Gun's Not A Room Spray. The home fragrance borrows from the label's Not A Perfume scent, filling your home with a crisp note of Cetalox.


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