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Mr. Miyagi’s Grand Slam Menu

The Australian Open is here and while you watch the Grand Slam event, Mr. Miyagi makes sure you snack in style.

One of our favourite Japanese restaurants in Melbourne is popping up at Rod Laver Arena to make sure foodie tennis fans eat delightfully during the AO. Mr. Miyagi is serving up pork belly bao, gravy fries and the restaurant's popular Soba Noodz, a refreshingly appetising salad of green tea soba noodles tossed in with edamame, shaved vegetables and sesame dressing. And if you hold a general access pass to the Australian Open, you can wine and dine at Mr. Miyagi's Windsor restaurant without waiting in its notoriously long lines, making it the perfect spot to enjoy cocktails to celebrate your favourite tennis player's win, or maybe commiserate their loss, either way the cocktails here will brighten up your evening in Melbourne.


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