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Mobster Burgers

Paris serves up sinfully delicious burgers that rival the best in the world.

While some borders are still closed and with travelling remaining a tricky thing, getting to your favourite foodie destination is proving to be a difficult task, however, if you are in Paris you can take a big juicy bite out of Chicago at Mobster Diner. The cheekily named diner is a nod to the American city’s reputation and serves up some of the city's best burgers. Unlike some other burger joints in the city, Mobster Diner only serves burgers and fries, with a burger to suit every taste, even vegetarians are treated with respect. Not only is there a vegetarian burger already on the menu, but the diner also invites vegetarian diners to choose any of the other burgers on the menu if they so wish and simply ask for the meat patty to be replaced with the veggie option, giving them more of a choice to choose from, which is not a courtesy offered in and by other restaurants around the city. The menu here is short but sweet, for a classic cheeseburger The Mob is your burger of choice, stacked with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and the house's secret sauce, and for a more original version there is the French Connection made with blue cheese. The Gatsby burger though is by far the winner with double cheese and a crispy golden hash brown, creating quite the hearty burger. Besides the name, the only criminal thing here is how sinful the burgers are!


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