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Melbourne's Royal Burgers

Royal Stacks's new restaurant in Melbourne brings juicy burgers to Bourke Street for a perfect pitstop late at night or while shopping in the CBD.

Gourmet burger chain Royal Stacks has just opened its largest restaurant, right in the heart of the CBD in Melbourne. In a heritage listed building on Bourke Street, Royal Stacks invites everyone who loves a burger to pop in the two-storey restaurant for a taste of greatness with the beef patties never frozen and Australian pasture fed. Try the Prince Harry stacked with cheddar, Swiss cheese, horseradish and gherkin sauce, or try The King, which comes with a mac and cheese croquette sandwiched between a beef patty and the house's special burger sauce. The menu also includes Queen Bee, a vegetarian burger made with a chickpea patty and cheddar cheese, and for vegans, you will love the Regina George, a delicious stack with a vegan patty, vegan cheese, gherkin sauce all on a vegan bread bun.


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