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McQueen in Melbourne

Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria is playing host to Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse, a retrospective exhibition that transcends fashion while celebrating the famed fashion designer.

He broke so many codes, led the way for a whole new generation of designers, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy that celebrates life and fashion, and now Alexander McQueen is being celebrated at the National Gallery of Victoria with a retrospective fashion exhibition showing some of his most iconic designs.

Inspired by the world and everything it encompassed, nature, evolution, and what was happening in it from climate change to crumbling empires, Alexander McQueen found beauty and fashion in everything, transforming every detail into a magnificent story told through dress.

The Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse exhibition is a magnificent walk through some of the works that defined the designer, exhibited alongside works of art that inspired him including paintings, sculptures and decorative arts. Bringing you into the McQueen world of design, the exhibition showcases not only iconic dresses and accessories but also stunning photographs taken behind the scenes of his fashion shows and intimate interviews projected throughout the show, giving you better insight into what drove him as a designer.

A visionary who applied his conceptual and technical mastery to fashion design, Alexander McQueen has become a reference in how fashion is far beyond just mere pieces of clothing but an expression of emotion, translations of cultures and a theatrical representation of change, a veritable art form. With the world ultimately becoming his muse, he in turn has become the muse for so many, proven to be true in the world of fashion when looking at some of the designs created by other fashion houses today.

A celebration of fashion, design and a man who left a wonderful mark on the arts, this is definitely an exhibition not to be missed for lovers of the arts and of course fashion.


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