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Margaret of Provence, A Fashion Muse

French fashion designer Jérôme Blin dresses the queen of France in tulle, lace and lots of fashionable armour.

Margaret of Provence, the queen of France, is being celebrated through fashion with an exhibition being showcased at Galerie 59 in Paris. From the 4th to the 18th of March, coinciding with Paris Fashion Week, the art gallery will be hosting the fashion exhibition with five creations by designer Jérôme Blin. Drawing inspiration from the contemporary queen, Blin's designs demonstrate both strength and femininity with delicate lace juxtapositioned against graphically-structured silhouettes, a beautiful balance between armour and art. The exhibition will also feature a 3D hologram of the queen wearing the Ishtar dress and a solid bronze tiara. Ishtar is the goddess of love, sexuality and of war, with the dress representing both the queen and the goddess through beautiful layers of tulle and seductive cutouts.


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