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Mad About Vegan Tacos

Mad Mex is where we're heading for plant-based Mexican dishes during World Vegan Month this November.

This month make sure your Taco Tuesday is a plant-based event with November declared World Vegan Month. If you wouldn't call yourself a great chef, even when it comes to making tacos, we've got you covered. Chain restaurant Mad Mex, specialising in Mexican cuisine, has introduced plant-based mince to its delicious menu with your freshly prepared burritos and tacos made with vegan mince and cheese. Made fresh right in front of your hungry eyes, Mad Mex makes sure your meal is prepared to your personal taste, extra vegan cheese, spicy salsa, no beans, and that's why we're making it our go-to for every Taco Tuesday this month and grabbing pockets of goodness with their breakfast burritos for a mid-week treat.


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