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Luxury by Vassant

Behind every man is a great woman and behind the world's most luxurious fashion brands' handbags is Vassant.

Behind closed doors Vassant puts together the most coveted and most iconic handbags, entrusted by the big names in fashion with their desired, statement-making and status-proving bags. With this indisputable savoir-faire, the high-end brand of luxury leather goods launched its own line of chic bags in 2019.

In an unassuming street in the 20th arrondissement in Paris, the Vassant atelier is where the world's iconic bags are made and where the house's own designs, fashioned from the finest leathers, are now showcased. It is here where "in-the-know" socialite clients, who are accustomed to holding classic bags as well as the latest it bags, now come to add original pieces to their vast collections.

Upon appointment, clients are welcomed into the Vassant atelier, pushing open the hidden doors to where the magic of design happens. The house serves a portfolio of "ready-to-hold" bags though what makes shopping here the epitome of luxury is that each piece can be personalised. Clients can adapt each model to their liking from choosing a different leather, different size, and adding their monogram to their new beautiful puchase. Vassant also offers a bespoke service with the artistic director, Guillaume-Victor Laplace, working closely with each client to design a unique bag with a catalogue of leathers and a rainbow of colours to choose from before the design process begins.

Every piece is fashioned on-site in the Parisian atelier, with each creation handmade and the cutting of the leathers to the stitching of a zip all quality-controlled. Each step is carefully taken, ensuring every intricate detail of each bag is achieved to perfection, with each bag taking up to 30 hours to make.

Incomparable in quality, Vassant is no longer just known for other fashion houses entrusting it with putting together their fashion babies, but it is now a coveted name to hold itself. The luxury afforded by Vassant to its portfolio of business clients is now also offered to individual clients who always walk away with what they desire, a unique fashion accessory that will be the envy of their entourage. Here luxury does not discriminate, no waitlist, no extravagant attitude. Every client is welcome without succumbing to a waitlist.


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