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Lunching With Ralph

Ralph Lauren completes your day of shopping with lunch, American-style.

Shopping and lunching quite naturally go hand in hand. There is nothing like browsing the latest collections, walking out with hands full of shopping bags à la Pretty Woman, and then savouring lunch with a glass of wine. And American designer Ralph Lauren has banked on this popular way of spending a day with his restaurants and bars in capital cities around the world.

He epitomises Americana and so the designer did not stray too far from the formula that has made him a household name, serving American cuisine in his establishments, embracing his image and what people love, and complementing his fashion style, preppy meets cowboy.

The first Ralph Lauren restaurant, RL Bar & Grill, opened in Chicago, next door to the house's flagship store. New England clam chowder and lobster bisque are on the menu, as well as the classic BLT. Designed like a private club, the restaurant breathes sophistication with a very Ralph Lauren home vibe complete with tan leather banquette seating.

The designer's second foray into the restaurant business was in Paris, in the quintessentially Parisian neighbourhood, Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Ralph's opened in 2010 within the Ralph Lauren flagship boutique on Boulevard Saint-Germain. The highlight of the restaurant here is the intimate courtyard patio seating, where Ralph Lauren has brought a little bit of the Hamptons to the heart of the fashion capital. Here, under the shade of lush trees and wrought-iron chairs dressed in blue and white cushions you can lunch on lobster salad or a veggie burger.

New York then called the designer and The Polo Bar was introduced. Here, the sporting lifestyle is celebrated with a polo match-inspired mural and equestrian art, with American cuisine always on the menu. The specialties in the New York establishment are the burgers. Try The Polo Bar Burger or perhaps be tempted by the Burger of the Day, which changes daily.

Ralph Lauren then ventured across the pond to open Ralph's Coffee & Bar in London next door to his Regent Street flagship store. Staying true to his roots, the designer's British eatery is decked out in saddle-leather banquettes and featuring equestrian detailing throughout. The menu also remains loyal to the winning recipe of American cuisine with Cobb Salad, Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Ralph's signature carrot cake all on the menu to be enjoyed.

Next time you are shopping in any one of these cities make sure you stop at the local Ralph Lauren restaurant for a fashionable lunch and treat yourself to a glass of wine or a cocktail before continuing on with your day of shopping.


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