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LumiPod is Turning Printemps's Rooftop into the Ultimate Hotel Room

Paris's iconic department store, Printemps, is turning its rooftop into a luxurious hotel room where you can watch the stars and the Eiffel Tower twinkle while in bed.

Look down on the City of Light from the rooftop of Printemps, Paris's iconic department store and experience a unique hotel stay courtesy of LumiPod, the brains behind the architectural pods that can pop up and blend in any surrounding. If you have ever dreamed of sleeping in a department store in Paris you will be ecstatic to know that Printemps is making your dreams come true with a pop-up luxury hotel room on its rooftop. From May 2 to 18 you can spend a magical night under the stars of Paris, overlooking the French capital’s breathtaking landmarks and monuments, with your stay coming with a delectable dinner and of course breakfast in bed. Printemps will be organising a competition between April 15 and May 1 with one lucky person and their plus one winning an overnight stay. Can you imaging shopping all day in Paris's iconic department store, Printemps, and then making your way to its rooftop and spending the night there? It's every woman's dream.


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