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LSKD Updates Our Workout Look

Update your sportswear and streetwear wardrobes with fashionable pieces from Australian label LSKD.

We can't get enough of LSKD's range of activewear. The Australian brand that prides itself on offering pieces that fit within both the streetwear and sportswear labels is fast becoming our go-to for our every mood. When we're feeling active and ready to head out for a workout we slip into LSKD's Elixir tights and sports bra, but when we're feeling lazy and just wanting to hang out with friends and still look good we love the wide range of designs on offer. From hoodies to puffer jackets and oversized sweaters, LSKD has us covered for that chic dressed down activewear look, think Kim K but on a much more affordable budget. The Aussie label also stocks great unisex designs, so you can add to your man's wardrobe while knowing that you can "borrow" from it with tops that you love.


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