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Louboutin Upcycles for Selfridges

Christian Louboutin has teamed up with Selfridges for a limited edition collection in support of the luxury department store's Project Earth initiative.

High-end department store Selfridges in London is adding a sprinkle of glam to its Project Earth initiative this year with the help of luxury shoe brand Christian Louboutin. The initiative, which highlights Selfridge's commitment to sustainability, works to change the retail industry for the future by innovating the design process, focusing on waste reduction and organising events, enter the French brand famous for its red soles. The first luxury shoe brand to partner with Selfridges for the initiative, Christian Louboutin has created a capsule collection using upcycled denim. Available exclusively at Selfridges London, the collection is made up of six pieces inspired by designs from the house's archives and include sneakers for men, stilettos for the ladies, boots and bags. Crafted from upcycled denim the collection not only showcases the glamorous side of sustainable fashion but also offers unique fashion pieces as each piece sees the original denim pockets and stitching worked into the finished design.


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