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Look Good In Recycled Fashion

Just because you like to update your wardrobe does not mean you cannot help the planet. Check out these 6 fashion labels that help you keep your style intact while leading you into the green zone of looking great.

M.Moustache, the French footwear brand, has put in place in its boutiques a station where shoppers can drop off their old pairs of shoes. Shoes and sneakers that are still in good condition are donated to charities while pairs that are completely unsuitable to be worn, are recycled to produce new soles for new shoes and sneakers.

The art of recycling is no longer reserved for paper and fabrics with PDPAOLA using recycled gold to create its very first fine jewellery collection. Designed with recycled 18-carat gold and lab grown diamonds, the collection includes rings, dainty pendants and sweet sleeper earrings.

Lingerie label Princesse tam.tam is giving your used bras a new life by offering a new repair service. Shoppers can bring in their damaged pieces and in under 20 days you can go back to find your bras stitched up and looking as sexy as the day you bought them.

Maison 123 is recycling everyone's favourite soft fabric, cashmere, and creating some great trans-seasonal pieces that can be layered for the cooler months. The 100% recycled cashmere collection includes comfy sweat pants, hoodies and tank tops.

Another jewellery brand that is embracing recycled gold is Mansano. The jewellery house offers the perfect rings to stack up, and if you like something that sparkles you will be happy to know that all diamonds used are ethically sourced.

Joining the recycling brigade is NOTSHY, the French fashion brand that specialises in cashmere. Partnering up with Collective Cashmere Lab, NOTSHY invites shoppers to bring in their old cashmere sweaters, even those of other brands, to recycle, and as a thank you, you will receive a voucher for a discount on your next cashmere purchase.


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