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Lighting Beauty

The OVE beauty mask is putting the spotlight on reducing the signs of aging with a red light that will calm and rejuvenate.

French designer Olivier Lapidus has teamed up with innovative lighting company Lucibel to create the OVE beauty mask. Designed to minimise wrinkles, the mask uses cold red LED light to stimulate and regenerate cells, reducing the appearance of crow's feet. The mask not only works to reverse the signs of aging but it can also calm and relax you with its soothing red light. Working as a cream of light, the mask drenches your skin with goodness, and while it has been designed for personal use at home, its exxy price tag makes it a less affordable beauty product for many to have in their own personal glam room, but now Dior has introduced the OVE to its beauty treatments in its spas, with the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc the first to offer the light-filled protocol, so you can book yourself in for a facial and walk away looking younger for less.


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