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Light Up Your World

Candles not only fill your home with delicate scents but they also light up any room with dancing flames. Let one of these four scented candles add a little extra light to your home.

Fill your home with scents of pressed blooms, wild berry and beets, and cinnamon chai with WoodWick's new collection of scented candles while lighting up any room with the candlemaker's elegant glassware.

A subtle moodsetter comes courtesy of La Spiritueuse's cognac-scented candle. Woody and warm, the brandy-inspired candle will fill any room with a subtle flicker for up to 60 hours.

For a larger-than-life 80s vibe get your candlelight twisted with this pink Twist Candle from Made. Designed by Lex Pott, the candle's sculptural design will add retro light to your night in.

French label Diptyque, known for its cult candles, is dressing its iconic Tuberose scented candle in summery turquoise, filling your home with a warm light and scents of the wide fields of Southern India.


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