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Life's a Cabaret in Melbourne

Sofitel Melbourne on Collins is hosting the city's most colourful and seductive burlesque show that will paint your evening with song, dance and laughter.

Sofitel Melbourne on Collins is turning its mirrored ballroom into a sexy and decadent setting for a burlesque show like no other. Created and directed by Moira Finucane and Jackie Smith, FUTURE. JOY. CLUB. is a show that is diversity at its best with a cabaret vibe filled with talent, humour and plenty of seductive entertainment, think Chez Michou meets stand-up. The live show is a medley of talents including singer Mama Alto, indie pop star Sophie Koh, and Indian dancer Govind Pillai all putting on an unforgettable revue with club host Moira Finucane making sure the underground cabaret steals all the limelight. A highlight is fan dancer and fire artist Jazida who masters the art of seduction with fire and fans.


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