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Let Them Eat Cake!

Paris is famous for its fine cuisine and pastries but sometimes you need something a little less delicate to impress your tastebuds when in the mood for a sugar hit. Cookies, cake and baklava are our gift to your sweet tooth with four of our favourite addresses in Paris you need to discover now.

The Comptoir de Madeleine is dripping, quite literally in sweetness. The recently opened cake shop serves only the French cake and why would you look for anything else here when the house specialty is this good. Baked with love of nostalgia, the madeleines bring the traditional cake from every Frenchie's childhood to the fickle world of dessert, adding variations to appease foodies who appreciate novelty. On the menu sitting by the classic buttery version you will find praline chocolate filled madeleines, lemon-flavoured madeleines and salted caramel madeleines.

Another recent opening celebrating cake is Cakepart, a new cake shop that specialises in, you guessed it, cakes. The difference here, compared to many bakeries and pastry shops in Paris, Cakepart doesn't serve cute, individual cakes but serves slices of cake, just like at home. Banana, marble and hazelnut are only some of the deliciously moist cakes available here with our tastebuds calling out for second slices.

For a proper tea break à la Middle Eastern there is no other place like Dar Mima. Here you are served with sweeping views of Paris and authentic oriental delicacies including tabouli and couscous but the highlight here is the dessert menu with Middle Eastern pastries to be enjoyed with sweet mint tea that will take you on a voyage to Marrakesh.

If you prefer your coffee break with coffee then you must pay Café Nuances a visit. The recently opened espresso bar on the Left Bank serves specialty coffee made to impress, especially in Paris where the coffee isn't always as you expect it to be. Whether you love a strong espresso or a creamy latte, you will love this little hole-in-the-wall made only sweeter with its sweet offerings of chocolate chip cookies.


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