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Keeping Jewellery Intimate

Just like lingerie, Leïla Buecher's jewellery is intimate and delicate, hugging you in all the right spots.

Since creating her eponymous jewellery house in 2016, Leïla Buecher has focused on designing delicate pieces that reflect her desire to create a "second skin" for her clients. Partially inspired by the delicate detailing of lace in lingerie, something the designer has drawn from thanks to her experience working in the intimate world of lingerie, and greatly inspired by her mother's own passion for jewellery, Leïla designs very limited collections with a focus on designing bespoke pieces. Working very closely with her clients in designing the bespoke jewellery, the designer arranges a rendezvous with each client to better get an understanding of their personality and what they desire for their jewellery with the designing process starting thereafter. Each piece is delicately crafted with gold and crowned with dazzling cuts of diamonds, and just as lingerie clings intimately to the body, Leïla Buecher's jewellery fits perfectly, becoming a part of each wearer. While the hallmark of the house is of course the bespoke service offered, we also love the "ready-to-wear" collection with pieces of jewellery that work great worn alone or stacked, especially the designer's rings and bracelets.


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