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Keep Your Hands Clean

Washing and keeping your hands squeaky clean does not mean harsh soaps that strip your hands and leave them feeling dry. Check out these 6 soaps that are not only kind to your hands but will also beautify your bathroom.

Lather your hands in a floral bouquet with Maria Nila's vegan hand soap. And the rosé wine bottle resemblance is just a chic plus.

Be kind to your skin with Lothantique's traditional Marseille soap. Made with olive oil and shea butter, the scented soap promises to be gentle on your hands.

100% natural, vegan and made in France, Huygens's hand wash in Aroma Flow is like yoga for your hands. With aloe vera and lavender essential oils the soap will clean and calm your hands.

Treat your hands with kid gloves with Goutal's Italian Scented Soap. Made with sweet almond oil and shea butter, the soap will leave you with velvety hands.

Lothantique's Amélie et Mélanie range brings you Jardin Blanc, taking you to the French countryside with notes of jasmine and coconut. Made with 100% vegetable oils, this liquid is soap is both kind to your hands and the planet.

Scent your hands with a bouquet of magnolias with Fragonard. The famous French perfume house lets you decorate your bathroom with these pebble-shaped soaps while leaving your hands clean and smelling like a dream.


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