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Jazzy Jewels

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but it doesn't mean that the transparent gemstone is the only thing that dazzles and shines. Check out our edit of 5 jewellery pieces that range from affordable to colourful, and of course we have included the fan favourite, the brilliant diamond.

Follow the rainbow and wear the pot of gold at the end of it around your finger with Nomad Jewels's Rainbow ring. The yellow gold ring is covered in multi-coloured sapphire baguettes and brings positive vibes to your fingers, turning everything you touch into fabulousness.

Pretty but prickly, Djula's Barbelé collection is full of thorny gems including this sterling silver bracelet. The barb wire design embraces the house's glam rock signature vibe while playing up your "rose with thorns" demeanour.

Balance your love of jewellery and your bank balance with Pilgrim's Zodiac collection. Available at Zalando, the wallet-friendly collection includes gold-plated pendants featuring the different star signs to match your inner you with your outer fashionista.

Named after Perseus, the Greek demigod, Persée works precious stones into original designs that become bejewelled nods to both history and modernity. The house's Piercing collection includes this earring featuring a cascading chain dotted with dazzling diamonds, rebelling against more classic designs.

The trend of stacking jewellery has been given the luxurious nod of approval by Italian jewellery house Repossi. The upmarket house of jewels' Antifer ring brings a pre-stacked creation to your hands, with 8 pavé rings twisted and placed graphically one next to the other, creating the perfect trompe-l'oeil stacked ring effect just like magic.


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