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Jazz Up Your Jewellery With Our Dazzling Selection

Update your jewellery box with 5 new pieces that will have you attracting envious stares from fellow jewellery-lovers.

Australian jewellery label Medley lets us create our multiple stacks in style with a plethora of rings, necklaces and bracelets. Each piece is fashioned using ethically-sourced materials and designed with wearability in mind the jewellery stacks well without weighing you down.

Repossi lets us wear our love of jewellery on our lobes with these delightfully delicate heart earrings from the Antifer collection.

We love vintage coins fashioned into jewellery and we're obsessed with this antique ring from the Odyssey Collection from Galerie Pénélope featuring Napoléon III.

We're dressing our middle finger with Michael Hill's delicate birthstone rings that we're stacking with different thin bands to make our stack unique.

If you are looking for an exxy pendant that is as unique as you are then you will love this palmistry-inspired pendant from Alexandra Rosier. The Eternal Love Hands necklace is designed with sapphires and diamonds, creating palm lines in intricate detail.


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