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Infinite Shine in 20 Minutes with Wella

Wella's Shinefinity in-salon hair treatment brings a glossy shine to your hair covering it in a light-catching glaze.

Wella's new in-salon treatment is the latest hair craze to hit hair salons and we are officially converted. The Shinefinity Zero Glaze Lift turns your dull tresses into a glorious glossy mane. Available in 32 shades Shinefinity adds a very subtle tone to your hair that lasts for up to 20 washes. The glaze isn't really designed to colour but to add a gloss and shine to the hair and its formula doesn't disappoint. After choosing the shade you prefer the glaze is combed through your hair and twenty minutes later you are ready to wash it out and a quick dry later you will be impressed by how shiny your hair is. Designed with no ammonia or parabens, Shinefinity adds shine and is not designed to strip your hair. The refreshing treatment also hydrates the hair and although it isn't designed to colour but rather leave you with a tint that shines through in the sun when it catches the light, the glaze does surprisingly cover greys albeit until it's washed out but for a treatment that lasts only 20 minutes leaving you with shiny and soft hair and less grey it's a pretty great deal. And our salon recommendation for this miracle treatment? ROKK Ebony hair salon in Toorak where if you're lucky will have Aprina tend to your tresses, with the softspoken stylist talking you through the process, guiding you through the colour chart, all without casting judgement on the state of your hair because we all know there is nothing worse than having a hairdresser critique your hair and pointing out how bad it is.


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