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Ice-Cream Dreams

It's summer and that only means one thing, ice-cream! Creamy, fruity, refreshing, soft serve, in a cup or on a stick, summer's favourite dessert comes in all shapes and we love them all. Eat your way through our top 11 ice-cream dreams now.

Vanilla with caramel sauce and cookie dough, nutty praline topped with roasted hazelnuts and almonds, and sweet raspberry, take your pick from The French Bastards's ice-cream creations.

Chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin is serving swirls of frozen yoghurt with raspberry, chocolate or caramel sauce and sprinkled with nuts or crunchy meringue bites.

For a refreshing bite with less guilt, Emkipop has created delicious sorbet treats that will have your sweet tooth jumping for joy without causing too much calorie-guilt. For sweet with a hint of freshness go for the strawberry and mint creation or try the original lemon, cucumber and mint, like a green juice on a stick.

Cookidiction has turned its popular cookies into summer-dressed versions, giving you yummy ice-cream sandwiches to cool down with.

La Glacerie ice-cream parlour brings you a rainbow of flavours to choose from including a surprisingly creamy vegan caramel ice-cream with candied apricot.

Every summer La Maison du Chocolat's chocolatier Nicolas Cloiseau creates a limited edition selection of ice-creams, and one of this year's delicious recipes is the hazelnut and caramel ice-cream covered in the house's creamy milk chocolate.

French pastry chef Christophe Michalak has turned everyone's favourite pastry, the Paris-Brest, into a creamy ice-cream, covering hazelnut ice-cream with roasted hazelnuts and swirling it with a thick hazelnut sauce.

A good old sundae is just what is needed to satisfy a craving and Babka Zana are going old-school and have added soft serve sundaes to their menu this summer. Choose the chocolate and hazelnut or the pistachio and orange blossom and drizzle with sauce and crunchy nuts, and walk away with a cup full of summer happiness.

For an ice-cream rich in flavour and richer in name, there is no going past Magnum's new Double Gold Caramel Billionaire. Double swirled ice-cream of pecan and biscuit covered in salted caramel sauce and coated in golden caramel chocolate sprinkled with crunchy biscuit pieces make up this sinful, heaven on a stick, ice-cream dream.

For an original ice-cream treat there is nowhere else to go but to Brasserie Baroche. In the traditional Parisian brasserie, chef David Baroche has created quite the unique sundae that is sure to delight both ice-cream and truffle connoisseurs alike. In an elegant coupe, smooth vanilla ice-cream is drizzled with artisanal hazelnut praline caramel sauce and sprinkled with generous shavings of summer truffles, adding a hint of earthiness to the sweetness of the vanilla and praline.

Whipped into an icy delight, Sacré Willy's salted caramel ice-cream is a smooth, creamy treat that will be hard not to scoop up straight from its jar and into your mouth. And the added bonus? You can get it delivered straight to you with the help of Frichti, the online grocery store that makes dessert time easy for those lazy days.


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