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Honeymoon with Elvis

Party with Frank Sinatra and honeymoon with Elvis in Palm Springs where the sun and modern design transformed the desert city into the stars' preferred escape.

When Frank Sinatra made his first million he headed to Palm Springs to escape the gossip of Hollywood. Calling on the services of architect E. Stewart Williams, the Twin Palms desert-modern-style home was designed, and is what Hollywood dreams are made of when it comes to real estate. The sleek house boasts four bedrooms, a piano-shaped swimming pool and even a sound studio where Ol' Blue Eyes made voice recordings when he wanted to escape Hollywood. The house, named Twin Palms in reference to the two palm trees in the yard, hosts private, guided tours, so you can walk through the legend's home, or if your budget permits, you can rent the house for a weekend or a Hollywood-style dinner party. Talk about living out your Hollywood dreams!

While in the neighbourhood, another home worth a visit is Elvis's Honeymoon Hideaway. He recently married Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker in Las Vegas, and he is the subject of Tom Hanks and Austin Butler movie, Elvis, and with a new exhibition opening in Bendigo, The King is having quite the revival. It's not just the singer that is revered, his love affair with Priscilla is still very much admired, and if you're a dedicated Elvis fan a visit to Palm Springs to see their Honeymoon Hideaway house is sure to make it on your bucket list. It is in the desert city where you can discover the house where Elvis carried Priscilla over the threshold and where they spent their honeymoon. Located at 1350 Ladera Circle in the historic Vista Las Palmas neighbourhood, the house was designed by architect William Krisel and represents an important example of mid-century modern design in Palm Springs.


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