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Honey, I Shrunk the Bags

Good things have always come in small packages and now Delvaux's Cool Babies collection brings us mini versions of its iconic bags to up our fashion game while shrinking our accessories in size.

Everything smaller is cuter and Delvaux, the Belgian fine leather goods brand, has cheekily shrunk its iconic Cool Box and So Cool bags to bring us Cool Babies, a collection of fun size bags to playfully accessorise with. The new collection includes the chic and fun Cool Box Nano bags that can carry all your essentials without reducing any of your style creds. Worn crossbody, the Cool Box Nano bag suits any look, from a casual tee-and-jean combo to a flirty dress, and our favourite feature is the fruity colours it comes in, apricot and raspberry, to help add a pop of colour to any outfit.


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