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Henrietta Opens in Melbourne

Melbourne's new restaurant, Henrietta, is serving Middle Eastern cuisine with a twist, setting up a table for a delicious Lebanese feast.

Sydney's Henrietta restaurant has finally opened a branch in Melbourne and foodies will love its take on modern Middle Eastern cuisine. Opening its doors on the Windsor end of Chapel Street, Henrietta invites you to feast on Lebanese delicacies with a twist. On the menu you will of course find the house's signature charcoal chicken but you will also find crispy falafel served on a bed of tahini and house pickles, charcoal corn seasoned with fermented chilli and sprinkled with shanklish cheese, and duck kofta. The menu has been designed with sharing in mind, inviting you to sample a variety of dishes with your party, but you may want to order extra servings of the golden hot chips seasoned with sumac, and the spiced cauliflower served on a bed of cashew tarator sweetened with roasted sultanas. The restaurant has also curated a cocktail menu that infuses a touch of the Middle East into the drinks, mixing gin, pear soda and arak to create one of their signature cocktails, the Arak Orchard Highball.


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