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Healthy Haircare at Home

Who said you have to spend a fortune to look after your hair? At Style News we have discovered five fab products that have changed the way we update our look and also how we get our tresses looking healthier.

Wella Professionals's new Color Fresh Masks have us excited about changing our hair colour and experimenting with new hues. With eleven temporary colours to choose from including chocolate brown, fire engine red and bold blue, you can change up your look in just 10 minutes and from the comfort of your own home. Made with semi-permanent dyes and botanical oils, the masks offer rich conditioning properties so you don't have to worry about dry, brittle hair after colouring.

We are loving the Heatless Curl Sash for soft, cascading curls without the damaging effects of heat. The sash, made with velour terry towelling fabric, lets you create the perfect curl by simply weaving the silky sash around your hair. Affordable, reduces frizz and works overnight, the sash is our new bff when it comes to salon-ready hair at home.

Just like our skin, our hair needs some TLC from the inside, and that is why we turn to In Haircare for their yummy gummies. The vegan, apple-flavoured gummies are formulated to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss, so by chewing 2 gummies a day you can have fuller, healthier hair. It's that easy.

Dr LeWinn's is also giving us goodness from the inside out with the sweet-tasting Marine Collagen Peptide. The berry-flavoured collagen powder not only works to help strengthen hair but it also helps with promoting stronger nails and improving skin firmness. You simply blend a sachet into 250ml of water or mix into your juice, smoothie or even tea, drink and be blessed with luscious locks and younger-looking skin as a bonus.

We have cleansers for our face and now we have Monat's Scalp Purifying Scrub for our scalp. The 2-in-1 scrub and shampoo gently exfoliates the scalp, working to rid it from dead skin cells to reveal a healthier surface for your hair, and also works to wash away product buildup that strips away the hair's natural shine to leave you with cleaner, fresher hair.


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