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Healthy Hair Hacks

Your hair needs as much care as your skin with leave-in treatments and masks a nourishing way to show your mane some extra TLC.

Smooth your hair and add gloss to its ends with the Glow Queen Glow Body & Hair Treatment Serum Oil from Recreation. With a sweet scent of jasmine and neroli, the oil nourishes without leaving your hair feeling greasy, and as a bonus you can also use it on your face and body to hydrate and boost collagen production.

To make sure your curls are given some extra love, Virtue's Curl Leave-In Butter works overtime to nourish and hydrate every strand. The leave-in cream treatment helps to neutralise frizz, repair splits and leave curls full, bouncy and full of shine.

Another great treatment for curly hair comes courtesy of Aveda and its Be Curly range. The collection includes everything from shampoo, conditioner, curl-enhancing hairspray, and an intensive detangling masque, which is formulated to separate tangled curls to leave hair soft and full of beautiful bounce.

With argan oil, hibiscus flower extract and pure aloe vera juice, Yodi's 100% Mighty Hair Mask is a go-to to repair damaged hair. Suitable for all hair types, reach for the mask when hair feels a bit dry, and with its nourishing natural ingredients locks are transformed from dull strands to shiny tresses, all you need is to leave the mask in for at least 5 minutes before shampooing and feel how much softer your hair will be.


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