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Green Steps

Focusing on using renewable resources for making more sustainable products, Timberland's latest offering is green in style.

American brand Timberland is synonymous with outdoor footwear and its image goes hand in hand with the iconic Yellow Boot, and with the outdoors the heart of the brand, Timberland is constantly working to keep our planet evergreen and aims to plant 50 million trees by 2025. The brand is also taking one step further in protecting our planet by making our footprint a whole lot greener. The brand's latest collection features GreenStride soles, made with sugar cane and responsibly sourced rubber that does not contribute to the rainforest deforestation, creating a more comfortable shoe to cradle and cushion the foot. This eco-conscious collection of footwear is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves the outdoors, has a soft spot for our planet and doesn't want to compromise on style.


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