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Good Night, Sleep Tight

10 easy steps to get you ready for bedtime for World Sleep Day on the 19th of March and every night after that.

Draw yourself a bath and drop a Lush bath bomb to get you relaxed. Try the Sleeping Giant bomb that will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy with its relaxing lavender scent.

While you get your beauty sleep make sure your skin is given the best advantage of waking up feeling and looking rested and beautiful. Korres's Greek Yoghurt Probiotic Nourishing Sleeping Facial will become your nighttime BFF with its Greek yoghurt, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid formula working to moisturise your skin, hydrating it for an impressive 48 hours.

Wind down further after your bath and nighttime skincare routine with a cup of herbal tea before slipping into your pjs. For a stress-free night, sweep all your anxiety aside and enjoy a cup of Holistea CBD Infusion, a herbal tea blend made with camomile, lavender and hemp leaves.

Slip into a comfy pair of handmade silk shorts and matching sleep eye mask from French brand Le Colonel.

Pop on a pair of aloe-infused socks from Primark. The fluffy socks will keep your feet warm while working to soothe them and keeping them baby soft.

Set the mood in your room and ready yourself for a good night's sleep and fill it with scents of orange blossom with Estéban's scented flower diffuser.

With your room filled with orange blossom now fill it with sounds of nature to sweep you away with dreams with the fairies. Relaxound's Zwitscherboxes will surround you with sounds of nature and with the scent of fresh oranges will transport you to a quaint Mediterranean village.

To make sure you fall into a deep sleep, spray your pillows with thisworks's Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. The natural blend of lavender, camomile and vetiver calms both the mind and body, almost guaranteeing you fall asleep quicker and deeper.

And finally get into a freshly made bed with cosy covers. Snuggle into a comforting duvet from Kipli complete with 100% organic cotton covers to make sure your bed haven is as healthy as it is snug.

For the sweetest dreams, check yourself in at La Réserve, the plush hotel in Paris where a catalogue of pillows is available for every guest to choose from to guarantee the most comfortable of stays. And what better way to sleep than knowing that you will wake up refreshed to an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower.


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