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Gin O'Clock

Simple gins are a thing of the past with distilleries now adding twists to the classic spirit, adding an elegant kick to your drink.

Mirabeau, the French vineyard known for its Provence wines has turned its talents into creating a natural gin with hints of lemon, lavender and rose petals, bringing the scents and tastes of the South of France to your cocktail glass. The fruity and floral pink gin can be enjoyed on its own or mixed in with tonic for a G&T with a floral twist.

The Australian Distilling Co. is also adding character to its range of gins with the Rhapsody Ruby Gin. The deep berry-stained spirit is infused with T-Bar's Serendipi-T fruit tea blend, adding notes of berries to the dry gin, marrying beautifully with tonic and a dash of fruit juice for a refreshing cocktail.

For a spicy and herbal twist to your drink, Anaë, the French gin distilled in Cognac, adds locally-sourced ingredients to its recipe. The organic distillery works with local farmers, sourcing a bouquet of herbs including chamomile, to create a smooth gin with notes of citrus and aniseed, making for an earthy base for cocktails.


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