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Get Elle Macpherson’s Body With Her Favourite Smoothie

Want to eat your way to a body like Elle Macpherson's? Green Cup and The Body bring us a limited edition menu that is created using the supermodel's WelleCo beauty brand.

Green Cup has teamed up with supermodel Elle Macpherson and her ingestible beauty brand WelleCo to bring us limited edition smoothies and açai bowls. The exciting menu is available at all of Green Cups's Melbourne branches with the menu created to enrich our days with nourishing goodness. Each recipe has been put together to include boosters for your skin, hair or overall immunity with the must-order smoothie on the menu being Elle Macpherson's The Body Smoothie. Made with the WelleCo Nourishing Protein and The Super Elixir Greens, which work to inject superfoods, vitamins and probiotics in a yummy smoothie, your daily drink will not only fill you up but also help with your health.


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