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Four Drinks to Toast with this Dry July

This Dry July you have to try our favourite non-alcoholic tipples that will have your happy hour tastebuds dancing in sobriety.

For a festive drink try Nocktail's Strawberry Daiquiri. Sweet, yet low in sugar, the cocktail mixes natural botanicals and flavours into your sober happy hour, and if you prefer your daiquiri frozen then empty your drink into a blender, add frozen strawberries and ice cubes and pulse until the ingredients are all blended with a slushy consistency.

Little Drippa, our secret weapon for making espresso martinis, is cold-drip extracted coffee, and because it's alcohol-free, it is also turning our Dry July mocktails into flavoursome tipples, just swap your vodka with a non-alcoholic version and voilà!

With notes of rose, cherry and berries, Lyre's Pink London Spirit will turn your gin and tonic into a delightful bouquet of florals.

For a refreshing spritz just like in Italy but without the alcohol, Polka's Blood Orange Italian Aperitif will become your Dry July bestie. Just top off with your favourite non-alcoholic sparkling wine and your tastebuds will be cruising to Capri.


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